By Jove, Where Are We?

24 Jun 2014

We Jovians often find ourselves afield in the far corners of the world, filming the local color in order to help our clients tell their unique stories.

Jupiter’s George Scontsas was recently in Dusseldorf, directing a series of video shoots for Hewlett-Packard. He was interviewing customers at various sites across Europe who are using HP’s latest low-energy server platform, Moonshot. The result of alternative and innovative thinking from a proven industry leader, Moonshot delivers breakthrough efficiency and scale.

Dusseldorf is also the home of Der Neue Zollhof, one of architect Frank Gehry’s iconic building complexes. Gehry brought his alternative and innovative thinking to bear on the redevelopment of the city’s waterfront, delivering breakthrough scale and creating a unique postmodern skyline. Given our history with the legendary architect, George wanted to make the pilgrimage to see the leaning towers for himself while in Dusseldorf.

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