HP and Jupiter Headline in Vegas

13 Dec 2011

HP knew they had to turn to a powerhouse to help them produce their Global Sales Kickoff event in Las Vegas this past November for 4,000 of their global sales representatives. The proven trio of Jupiter Productions, Glass Beehive, and Staging Solutions combined to bring HP’s event to life based on the event theme, “Winning Together.”

Jupiter worked in collaboration in developing the event theme and visual identity while producing all of the media elements for GSKO 2012. Jupiter produced over a dozen multi-screen video programs including two wide-screen opening performances that featured custom time-warp visual effects using ultra-slow motion technologies and a live 6-piece band. The experience was made complete with highly stylized walk-in loops, transitional screen elements and three customer showcase video modules. Jupiter also conceptualized and provided direction for the event host, comedian Jake Johannsen, as he conducted man-on-the-street interviews with audience members.

We combined the best of a live brand experience with technology and stylized media for a total immersion experience – a perfect venue for Meg Whitman, HP’s new President and CEO to make her debut presentation. The end result was an event that delivered an enthusiastic employee response, making everyone proud to be part of such a distinguished company with a legacy of excellence and a vision for the future.

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