Jupiter Produces Integra Link Videos for TRC

09 Oct 2016

When TRC wanted to promote their flagship software product, Integra Link, they turned to Jupiter Productions. Although TRC was already a recognized leader in providing integrated services to the power, environmental, infrastructure and oil and gas markets, they wanted to extend their reach and market share. Jupiter partnered with TRC to produce a high-end promotional video that captured the essence of the TRC software using real life scenarios intercut with stylized 3D motion graphics.

This visually-rich story combined original location footage, industry application imagery and 3D motion graphics to convey the integrated power of Integra Link. Jupiter’s Creative Director, Hugh Howarth, noted, “showcasing software technology is always a challenge, but we produced a series of 3D sequences that captured the concept of powerful data access in a visually stunning way.” A conversational style of narration delivers an upbeat message, supported by an original music score.

Jupiter produced both a short and long version of the video to rave reviews from TRC. The video has now been posted on the home page of the TRC web site and serves as the primary marketing tool for this key software product.

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