New HPE Awareness Video Produced by Jupiter

16 Feb 2016

When Hewlett Packard Enterprise rolled out its new brand identity, the Technical Services organization wanted to produce a high-end awareness video that showcased its global reach and expertise. They turned to Jupiter Productions to produce a signature Anthem Video that could be shown to prospects around the world.

Jupiter collaborated with HPE to produce an “Idea Economy” video where innovation moves at the speed of light. Using mountain climbing as a metaphor, Jupiter collaborated with the clients to develop the concept, wrote the script, scored an original music track, and resourced all of the visuals to communicate the importance of selecting the right services partner for a customer’s IT journey.

“The challenge was to tell the story with music and graphics only – no on-camera or voice over,” explained Creative Director Hugh Howarth. “This required a series of animatic tests to determine the right amount of copy and pacing so that the video maintained interest and built momentum.” Jupiter editor Nancy Elrick-Forman cut the video, discovering the right shots and pace to work with the typographic compositions.

The video turned out to be the cornerstone of the HPE campaign as the Technical Services group rolls out their new services portfolio.



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